Videojet 3340 laser machine:How to assemble

This is the display screen.

This is a controller, also called the control unit.

This is the laser.

First, there is a connection between the controller and the monitor.

This monitor is to be plugged in this position, and the cable is connected to the controller, both connected to the laser.

If there is an external photoelectric connection, these three holes are used to insert the photoelectric connection.

The four holes are inserted by the encoder.

The basic assembly is so, and it can be turned on.

When starting up, you need to open the switch of the controller first. When opened, the screen turns on.

After full start, turn on the laser switch. It takes about 1 minute to turn it on.

When the machine is started, this interface appears.

Click Enter the password, enter the initial password four 2, click “OK”,the machine is just being turned on.

If you need to carve, you need to turn it, then the controller is on and you can print.

Click the “Start” button on the screen to carve.

When carving, you need to pay attention to its focal length. The distance between the machine and the box is about 20 centimeters, which is its best focal length.

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