Videojet 3340How to assemble scaffolds

Install the pillar first and screw the screws.

Screw it out this way, lift it up, and screw it out again.

Then install the cross arm and tighten the screws.

Then there is the rotating shaft, rubber removed, this do not lose, this can be removed, if not see this is not good.

Place the rotating disk against the axis of rotation. Install this screw again, so that you can control the transverse arm up and down by rotating it.

There is also a side of the transverse arm, the rotating shaft must not fall off, put on the rotating plate, tighten the screws.

Then comes the display stand, which is where the display is installed.

Reinstall the laser holder and screw the laser in this position.

Install the controller holder, put the controller in this position, this install, hang in this position and there are four screws to fix.

Install the photoelectric bracket, you can not loose these two screws, you can fix it in this or put the two screws loose installation can also be installed, the photoelectric can be installed in this position.

The laser is installed in this position, and the nozzle is here. All the brackets are then installed.

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