Videojet 3640 Laser machine:How to assemble

It says “TOP” on it, put a thick pipe on it and screw it.

The other end of this pipe, installed in this position, is screwed.

This is the exhaust, the exhaust will be installed to the bottom, and both above and below.

Then install this straw, installed in this position, is also an exhaust.

The other end of the straw, connected to the side of the controller, serves as a cooling effect.

And then this exhaust pipe, and you put it in this way.

The controller’s data cable is connected here, and the screw is locked tightly.

The display’s data line is connected here.

If there is an encoder and a syncher, connect to here, 3 holes are photoelectric, 4 holes are an encoder, if some can connect here.

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