Videojet 6330 TTO Information Edit

Take a look at the information editing of the Weidic 6330 machine, first open this software:

There are language choices here, so there are so many languages to choose from:

We create a new 6330 machine information, click this newly built, choose under this Videojet. there are models that can be selected here, 6330, according to the model selection needs, now choose a printed head with a width of 32 mm, choose continuous continuous continuous Just click OK directly:

The width above is 32, and the height is 75, 75, which can be changed, which is equivalent to the text box. We need to create information on it:

First of all, let’s take a look at the menu here, including text, time, date, flowing number, code, logo, etc., briefly talk about a few commonly used ones. First look at the text, click the text, and click again in the blank space. The default content of this text comes out:

Double -click text, the content can be modified here. This is its default value. Modification can directly enter the required content with the keyboard:

You can choose the font, the font is based on the font changes on the computer, you can select the font size, select it and then click the application:

When this word exceeds the range, it becomes red. To move it to the normal range, it becomes black and normal. If you want to modify the content of the information, double -click it:

Then the creation time is the same; if you click on the time, the blank point is:

You can choose the format of time:

The time I chose here is the time on the nominate machine. It will change with the time of the sprayer:

You can change the width here:

Or drag it with a mouse to change its size:

The date is the same. Click the date, click on the blank, choose the required format, the size can be changed, and the modification is double -click:

Then the flowing water number, click the flowing water number, click on the blank area, and change it in it:

Here is the end value and digit. If the 5 digits are the final value of five 9:

If you change the size, double -click, continue to edit it, the width can be changed, or it is bold:

If you want to delete, select the delete of the keyboard, or use this fork:

Then take a look at the QR code, click the QR code, and click on the blank area. There are so many codes to choose from:

The data can be modified here. After the content is ready, click the application, and this code is created:

The modification is still a double -click. If the text box is not needed, the check is canceled. The default is a box:

The QR code has a level here, and it is normal to be normal. You can choose on demand:

You can choose the size here, the default 0.5 cm:

Then take a look at the barcode, select the required barcode, and then click OK:

The value of this barcode must be changed. This value must be 13 digits. It has a certain specification:

Select this logo, click the logo, and click the blank space:

Here you can select the location of the logo file and select the path:

This size and height can be changed. After changing the application, this logo has been inserted:

Then put the information into the U disk, and then insert it into the machine. Remember to save the original file.Click this download after inserting the U disk:

Select to print to the file, select the downloaded U disk name, it will automatically detect the position of the U disk:

If you preview the graphics, you will display the editable content. If you have no problem, click OK. If you need to modify it, you can cancel:

After the file is transmitted, you can see 3 folders on the U disk, one is a font folder, which is the font used to create this information; one is the graphic used by the editor; and the other is the file name. The name can be modified:

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