Videojet 8520 Machine:How to Adjust the Photoelectric?

After the ink cartridges are installed, let’s see how the machine works.

It is now off.

Click the blue button to start.

If offline, press the green button to make it run.

This is the true remaining amount of the cartridge.

If there is no product, the photoelectric sensor will turn on the green light when the product is detected.

Press the run button.

In the case of guaranteed operation, in the case of no product below, the signal is not given. Only one green light is on, nothing else.

Then put the product and it will print. It lights up green when it senses a product. When the light is on, it means that the product is printed, which means that the photoelectric can be used normally.

If the red light is already on when the product is not placed, it means that it senses the conveyor belt, which means that the sensitivity of the optical fiber is too high.

There are two ways to solve it:

1、Move the fiber head up a little

2、Rotate the button counterclockwise, turn it in the direction of min, make it less sensitive, and adjust the fiber.

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