Videojet 8520 machine:How to clean the print head if the print quality is not good?

Click on settings.

Click on Supplies.

Then place a clean cloth or a piece of paper underneath.

Click to clean the nozzle and confirm.

This is what it looks like after cleaning.

If it is still not good after cleaning, then turn off the machine. First click the red Run button, then click the blue Shutdown button.

After shutting down, press the switch.

Then take out the ink cartridge, and you can see which ink cartridge prints poorly. Through the printing quality and the printed products, it can be seen which of the four ink cartridges has a poor printing effect.

Assuming that the printing effect of the 4th ink cartridge is not good, take out the 4th ink cartridge, wipe it (there is an explanation on how to wipe it), and then put it back gently after wiping, and cover it.

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