Videojet1580 Line setup (parameter adjustment) tutorial

Take a look at the production line configuration information, after the construction, we need to configure the parameters.

Select “Production Line Settings”.

You can add the parameters for a new production line.

Each information can correspond to different production line parameters, is one to one. Play other information can also call that information directly, the equivalent of its parameters are called.

Name a name for the newly created production line, and point “OK”.

Now set a printing direction, that is, from left to right or from right to left, or round-trip printing.

You can choose whether it is normal or upside down. For example, we observe the screw of this nozzle, the screw is positive on the right and the screw is opposite on the left.

You can choose whether it is a single, repeated or continuous printing. A single printing is to spray a signal.

Repeat spray printing can be set, give a signal spray several times, each interval, in this can be set.

Continuous spray printing is the same, as can be seen here, divided into time mode, encoder mode. Time mode is about giving a time period, per unit of milliseconds, 200 milliseconds to spray, and then triggering, is it high or low electric frequency, “yes” is high, “no” is low.

Below you can choose to set manual or automatic printing.

No encoder mode choose manual mode, point the next, input a speed, need not encoder mode needs to manually input a speed, to control the length of the printing information, if we input speed of information is very long, the speed is slow, we want to speed it up, until play out a normal good glyph.

Encoder mode, you need to install the encoder pulse, here can choose how much pulse, its wheel diameter is how large, and then the encoder type, is the integral system or the non-integral system, after the input point “Next”, this information is built.

If you want to call the production line, return to the main interface, select this information, and edit this information.

Here is the information setting.

Production line configuration is “33335” before, you can choose what we just created, then click “OK”, click “DONE”, point to save, and then run the job, this line is corresponding to the original built production line configuration, which matches, this is the production line configuration.

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