Videojet1580information editing tutorial

First, click on“ Job“.

This is the good “Job ” already created.

Click “+” to create a new message.

Create a name for this information, press the confirmation button after creation; edit it, and click OK after editing.

Select the line configuration created or a new one; click the line configuration and determine.

You can choose between a fixed length and a fixed resolution.

If this is a fixed length, choose this one and adjust it directly according to the print information required by the product. Conveyor belt uniform speed is the product uniform speed, or the encoder mode is the right length, the input as long as long.

Here is the resolution, which means that the encoder can change the resolution.

Here is bold, print you can choose not to add bold, choose to add bold 1 times 2 times or close not; here are anti-white, print direction, reverse and mirror, and nozzle to choose a direction of a word, the direction of a word. This is just for the field we just created, click on it.

Press the “+ ” key to add the first character field to create our text, date, time, recorder, and so on.

1.Create text

Click the text press OK, click the option, you can edit the text content, after editing press OK.

This side can adjust the font size, bold, and direction.

This is the name.

After the text is selected, and then we click to determine, here shows that the text has been created.

Click Edit, select to modify it further.

2.creation date

Point the “DATE“ date, and then determine.

We can choose the date of today, and the language is in English, and then we can see that the format is in the “year-month-day” format, which is a good format that has been created here. We selected the date and inserted the date.

We can change the font size here, which is how big the date font display is inserted. We can drag the character field directly by hand or press the adjustment key to move the adjustment.

If you want to edit on the date, click on this edit key, and then on the date you can choose today, user customization, etc., “Today” is our date for today. We plug in and press confirmation, and the date is inserted.

If you want to insert another time, the same, this time “24 hours system” has been confirmed, there are counters, time, classes, etc., we insert time as determined, this 13 represents 1 point, as determined can see the creation time.

3.Create a QR code

Two-dimensional code is also the same step, press “+”, add two-dimensional code, and then point to determine, two-dimensional code can choose QR code and so on, after choosing a good, choose the content in this inside, casually build a chain of information.

Here you can choose the size, 33,29,25, and so on, and then you can see the created good QR code.

This is to zoom in or out.

This is the last step or the next step.

This is deleted.

To delete, select 13 Point Delete.

This button is moving up and down, left and right.

This is the editor.

After we build this information, and then click to save it, the information has been saved.

There are renamed, edited, and can also be deleted.

If we want to run, our home page will see this information, load this information, and it will be added to our main interface.

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