VJ8520 Cartridge replacement procedure

Maintain the ink box

Ink box storage

  1. The ink cartridge shall be stored at room temperature. The temperature of 18-25°C and a relative humidity of 35-55% are ideal storage environments.
  2. If the printer will not be used at any length, it is recommended to remove the cartridge from the installation and store it in the purchase cap to prevent the nozzle from drying.

Clean the ink box

Before reinserting the cartridge, or printing the image becomes significantly worse, cleaning the ink cartridge.

  1. Before changing the ink cartridge, check the appearance for leaks (make sure the ink is not leaking).
  2. Check the appearance of the contact film for oxidation and mechanical damage.
  3. Do not use the cartridges if it is not in the correct working conditions.
  4. Replace the smart box, if required.

NOTE: If there is dirt on the nozzle panel, use a clean, absorbent free cloth to remove the dirt (P / N 29805A) separately. To moisten the cloth, use only deionized water or distilled water. Make sure the cartridge is dry before reinserting it is dry.

Be careful

Equipment damage. Do not clean the ink cartridge with a solvent or liquid other than deionized water or distilled water.

Restore the nozzle / wash the nozzle

Depending on the type of ink used, the ink may dry on the nozzle plate of the cartridge if not used for a period of time. This is very dependent on the surrounding conditions (air temperature, humidity). After the printer is unused, the Clean feature helps improve this bonding property. This is done by removing a few residual drops of ink before the actual printing process begins.

Clean the nozzle that is not in use

To clean the sprinkler heads:

  1. On the  ” Home page  ” screen, navigate to Tools> Settings.
  2. On the  ” Settings ”  screen, touch the  ” Consumables ” .
  3. On the  ” Consumable ” screen, touch the desired nozzle. For example, if you want to wash the first nozzle, touch “Wash nozzle 1.”
Figure 7-3: Clean the nozzle

Follow the on-screen instructions for completion.

How to replace the ink cartridge

The ink cartridge is exhausted, please replace it.

  1. Touch the Tools button on the homepage. This displays a list of consumables screens and information (Figure 6-35 on page 6-29).
Figure 6-34: The CLARiTY home page screen


personal injury. When changing the cartridge, make sure the printer printer is offline.

Figure 6-35: Cartridge Details Display (certified cartridge)

Note: You can change the ink type upon request, or adjust the ink stock.

Note: Show the validity period of the cartridge only when the jet printer is offline or running.

2. Touch “Replacement Ink Cartridge”. The cartridge power was turned off so that the cartridge could be replaced safely. Make sure that the following screens appear before you continue.

Figure 6-36: Replacement of the ink cartridge

3. Remove the protective belt of gold contacts and nozzle panels on the new cartridge.

Note: Do not touch the touchpad. Any dirt can adversely affect the printing image.

4. Flip the lock bar (item 2, Figure 6-37) backwards and insert the cartridge (item 3).

Figure 6-37: Insert the ink cartridge

5. Press the inside of the cartridge vertically from outside (see Figure 6-38).

Figure 6-38:Fixed ink cartridge

6. Press down the lock bar to tighten the cartridge to the nozzle.

7. Touch the “OK” button to replace the ink cartridge.

Note: Touch the OK button to power on the nozzle.

Note: For certified cartridges, if the ink percentage level is at or below the ink-free level set at 0% (default), the ink stock can be adjusted to remove the remaining ink from the cartridge by selecting the adjusted ink stock in the cartridge 1 screen, as shown in Figure 6-39.

Figure 6-39: Adjusting the ink stock

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