W620 640 660 Cleaning steps before long storage or transportation

The W600 series inkjet printer is down for a long time or before transportation, the liquid must be removed from the ink core, otherwise, serious tilt or rough handling may cause a large amount of liquid outflow through the condensate pipe, and it is highly likely to discharge a large amount of ink from the exhaust pipe at the next start of printing.

The following are the relevant cleaning steps for emptying the ink core. Follow the following operations as required.

  1. Clean and shut down.
  2. Clean the spray nozzle for 3 times.
  3. Remove the nozzle connection block, install the short block, and release the short block, put the short block beginning in the waste liquid container, and execute the instruction of emptying the ink core.
  4. Insert the new solvent into the ink slot, install the lead irrigation tool, and connect the pipeline, edit the temporary depository “AR0, DP200, J5, WM30000, J, AR0”, run the temporary depository, at this time the solvent is injected into the ink core (refer to the lead irrigation SOP).
  5. Short-connect the block, and run the “product system cleaning” instruction twice.
  6. Release the short block, put the beginning of the short block in the waste liquid container, and execute the “empty the ink core” instruction.
  7. Execute the 4-6 steps for 4 times.
  8. Remove the short block, install the nozzle, and place the whole machine packaging.

Tools and spare parts are required:

    ToolQuantitySpare parts number
    Induction irrigation tools1383091
    Matched solvent4
    Short block1399247

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