W620 640 Condensing line cleaning step guide

Inappropriate transportation or brutal handling may result in operational operation, downtime or accidental leakage of liquid from the printer exhaust pipe. Do not transport the inkjet machine with liquid in the ink core.


  1. Avoid transporting the inkjet machine equipped with liquid in the vehicle. Please be careful to fix the inkjet machine again in the equipment to avoid rough or excessive operation, so as to avoid the liquid overflow from the ink core into the condenser pipe.
  2. Before transporting or handling the inkjet printer, the liquid in the ink core must be removed. Please follow the instructions in SRV2022-247 W600 model for long time for storage or transportation.
  3. When moving the inkjet printer or conducting maintenance, please check whether there is ink in the condenser tube. If a fluid is observed in the condenser tube, it must be cleared before starting the ink line.

operation requirement:

When the W620 and W640 Jets are operated or repaired, they should always be placed on a stable horizontal operating table.

This document takes the W620 model as an example to operation:

All the condenser shall be checked before the jet printer is started.

  1. Open the front door and remove the ink core.
  2. Check for the liquid in the condenser line.

If the liquid is observed in the condenser tube, it must be cleared before starting the ink line, as follows:

Cleaning of the condenser (W620)

Required tools and items:

Blow the ballSpare Part number: ZZZ-0002
washing bottleSpare Part No.: 202047
Cleaning fluidModel number depends on the ink model number used
Personal protective equipmentSafety glasses, and gloves

operatonal process:

  1. Wear the rubber gloves.
  2. Disconnect the condenser pipe from the joint on the ink core. The condenser tube is the large pipe at the bottom of the ink-core manifold.

a)Hold the tube firmly.

b)rotate to make it easier to remove.

  • Wash the condensing line with 5-10ml of the appropriate cleaning agent with the cleaning bottle or syringe, as shown in the figure below.
  • Blow dry the condenser tube with a blow ball. 

    5.Re-connect to the condenser tube. If necessary, trim the pipe to safely reconnect.

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