W620Processing method of entering the boot into the WinCE system interface

Step 1, the printer ready

  1. Prepare a blank U disk, use FAT32 format format, U disk capacity of 500 M 4 G are available.
  2. Place the software installation package (with both Wukong.inst and Wukong_Signed.inst files) under the U root directory.
  3. U disk where the printer has backup correctly set parameters.

Step 2,the software installation step

1.The system enters the WinCE desktop (as shown below).

2.In the upper left corner of the system desktop, click “My Device”, and then select and click “Windows” at the open interface.

3.After clicking “Widows”, enter the following interface:

4.Double-click SystemUpdater to enter the normal software installation interface, as shown below:

5.Enter the password of senior service personnel, press OK, the system will enter the software upgrade menu, see the figure below:

6.Click “System Update” to upgrade the software system, wait about 2 minutes, and the upgrade is complete. The machine will restart automatically.

7.After you restart and enter the software interface, remove the U disk.

Step 3, EHT check

EHT calibration (high voltage calibration)

If the software does not enter the EHT verification window after the restart, first enter the advanced user password, and then check through the “High Pressure Calibration” in the “Tool-Maintenance” menu.

Note that the nozzle must be cleaned and thoroughly drained before performing the high pressure calibration.

Step 4, perform “Update the ink core parameters” to recover the relevant ink parameters

Step 5,go to the viscosity data and information recovery step

1.Insert the U disk with the backup printer set parameters at the USB interface outside the chassis. If there is not the setting parameters of the backup spray code printer, the correct viscosity parameter cannot be recovered after the software is installed, and the correct viscosity parameter can only be restored by discharging the ink in the clean ink core. So the timely backup of the parameters is very important!

2.Enter the menu “Tools-System Management-Reply jet printer backup” to restore the corresponding settings and information content.

3.After execution, please turn off the power supply of the sprinkler printer, and then restart the power to restart the software and enter the operation interface.

4.Enter the required password level.

5.Confirm that the “theoretical pressure” value has returned to the theoretical value before the software upgrade.

6. Verify that the information has been restored.

7. If items 5 and 6 are completed, the recovery of the code jet printer setting is completed.

After the above operation steps are completed, the spray code printer can be used normally.

Action requirements:

  1. If you cannot guarantee that the code injection printer will not be cut off during its use, please consider installing the UPS power supply to prevent accidents.
  2. Ensure that the external power supply environment meets the requirements of the electrical safety standards of the code-jet printer during use.

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