What to do if the nozzle of the Videojet 43S machine is blocked?

First, let’s choose the system: then go down and select a nozzle for cleaning:

Then we confirm:

Then it will be cleaned:

During the cleaning process, we take a cleaning kettle and spray the cleaning solution in the middle of the nozzle:

Spray cleaning agent, each cleaning takes approximately one minute/60 seconds.

After cleaning, then we can.

If the blockage is severe and the ink lines hardly come out, the blockage is severe. We can clean it multiple times until our nozzle is unblocked., Just make sure the nozzle is functioning properly. After we finish cleaning, we can start the machine and check if the ink line has entered the correct position in our recycling tank:

If we enter the correct position in the recycling tank, then we don’t need to clean it anymore.

If the ink line is not correctly inserted into the recycling tank if it is misaligned, we will continue to clean it until our nozzle is cleaned properly. It’s currently normal.

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